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Its been more than 3 years since we (me and hubby) started working on weddings and creating differential content for couples who would like to have a creative video. When I was working with Shilpa Shetty, it was my dream to be a part of her wedding. That dream materialised and how! It was a pleasant surprise for me when I was given the responsibility of managing the whole wedding! Had never done it before and didn't know the nuances, but everything fell in place smoothly and effectively.

Then Shamita gave me the additional responsibility to film a candid video with all friends, family and celebrities who have been a part of Shilpa's life so far. This was a gift from her to her sister. I took it up with the same passion and my husband shouldered the job to assist me while I had to run around supervising hundred other things everyday. It was such a pleasure and beautiful experience everyone showering their praises and blessings for the beautiful Shilpa & her to-be husband Raj Kundra! (what a gentleman he is is another story!) Had the opportunity of meeting Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan and some other veterans from the industry like Indra Kumar, Ratan Jain, Farah Khan, Abbas Mustaan etc. Shahrukh made us wait for almost 4 hours but when he finally arrived, he offered his apologies and was his usual charming self. He is truly a fascinating speaker and sang a song for Shilpa. My sister had a halo over her head as she is a mad Shahrukh fan! It was a special moment for us! On the other hand, Mr. Bachchan was 5 minutes late and apologised for the delay. It was one of the wishes on my list that got ticked meeting him personally like that. Could see the contrast between the two icons - Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan!!!!

The film shaped out nicely and was handed over to Shilpa as her honeymoon gift. She was pleasantly surprised and called me from the cruise where she was honeymooning appreciating my effort! Shilpa and Raj have a special place in my heart and will always be cherished! They have changed my life in so many positive ways for which I will be eternally grateful to them!

This gave me an idea that I could create such clips and videos for couples which could be a special memory for them in their lifetime. And then my dear friend Manisha suggested that we should have a separate entity - more in connection with videos and photography as our brand name. We have had Black & White films for over a decade now. So made sense to just give it a new identity and focus on Wedding Films.

Black & White Films is a wedding film and candid photography company focusing on creating unique videos for couples who want a personal touch in their videos. No two clients are the same and no two films look the same with us. We spend a lot of time with the couples getting to know them and then suggest ideas for their videos depending on budgets and time constraints.

We have had lots of fun filming the couples that we have made films for and they love the content. They were extremely cooperative and watch the video at least once every few days. We love it when couples have a smile on their face, or giggle remembering some funny moment or even get teary eyed when they think of the vidaai. And the best part is when they see an emotional moment that they missed during the wedding ceremony but yet its preserved in the video for them to savour for years to come!

I love meeting new people, making new friends and creating interesting videos for them! Looking forward to meeting my next bride soon!!!!

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